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Over the past few years veganism and sustainable living has become increasingly fashionable and unfortunately some companies have used that to their advantage without changing a single ingredient. I want you to know exactly what is in your product and ensure you that it is all good!

All of my candles are poured into up-cycled glass jars which I painstakingly steralise by hand. Up-cycling is a big part of my brand ethos to reduce waste so it's worth it!


My name's Tor and I am primarily a Hair and Make-Up Artist in Theatre. I was working on a show when Covid-19 hit and the theatres went dark. Like hundreds of others I had to find a way to get by as well as remaining creative, so I started making candles.

I made candles as Christmas gifts a few years ago and found it therapeutic and satisfying knowing exactly what was going into my product. I begun learning different techniques and ways to ensure my candles were as eco-friendly as possible - even though it is a lot more time consuming! 

From there I delved a little deeper into handmade products such as body butter and soon haircare!

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