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A few tips and tricks to get your flame burning

  • When you first light your candle you will want to light it for at least one hour. This ensures the wax pool is meeting the glass and will prevent tunneling *

  • If your wick has become buried under the wax, carefully remove some wax around the wick and try to retrieve it - I recommend using the back of a spoon!

  • Make sure you do not burn your candle for more than four hours! This could cause a safety hazard as the glass may get too hot and crack.

  • There are massive up sides to using up-cycled jars such as helping reduce waste and saving the planet blah blah but one of the downsides is that sometimes it can be a little tricky to light a candle in an unorthodox shaped glass. I would recommend either using a long match or a nifty rechargeable lighter!

  • Please please please keep these away from your pets and children! My puppy loves a good sniff so I always keep my candles out of nose reach!

  • If you have any other questions regarding your candle please get in touch! I am more than happy to help and even more curious to know what it is... 

(Tunneling - this is when a small pool of wax has melted around the wick and forms a tunnel like shape resulting in your wick being lost or buried)

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